I wrote about...

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  • The double standards that arise from the way we interact with criticism on social media for Elephant Magazine

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  • The moral panic over increased ‘workplace surveillance’ during the pandemic, and the long history of monitoring employees for The Guardian.

  • The problem with millennial commentary that frames ~us all~ as financially precarious for The Guardian

  • The trend for art exhibitions celebrating the hedonism of rave culture, while raving irl becomes more corporate and sanitised for The TLS.

  • How a change in working habits during the pandemic could fix the ‘London bubble’ and make it a more livable city for The Guardian.

  • The weirdness of Elon Musk launching a rocket in the middle of a pandemic for The Baffler.    

  • Why I don’t think we should go back to work in offices anytime soon for The Guardian.

  • Sphynx cats: the hairless sensation sweeping the nations for The Outline (RIP).

  • The people who dox criminals who have been granted anonymity for Tortoise.

  • How UK politicians are obsessed with nuclear war but don’t seem to care at all about climate change for The Guardian.

  • What facial recognition means for our privacy in the context of private companies for The Baffler.

  • The inherent racism of cutting age genetic research, which is mostly based on European genetic data for The Baffler.

  • How ‘cancelling’ can be a way to reframe personal disputes as structural offences for Prospect.